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November saw three fairly intense days of testing and exams and lots of practice thanks to our instructor, Barry of Westcountry Training Services. He had his hands full teaching us eager candidates the art of using a 7.5 ton sideloader. Pleased to say all the hard work paid off and we all passed, much to the relief of the directors Mike and Karen, who passed on their congratulations to Tony, Mariusz and Myself (Andy). Now looking forward to my Instructor training course beginning of the New Year !

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Seems like only yesterday we were holding the staff summer BBQ here at Westcon Products Ltd and with a blink of an eye we hit the festive season at full speed. Everyone is busy on the shop floor during what is our busiest period, orders are coming in thick and fast with everyone working like Santa's little elves, in fact I am fairly convinced that some staff members are actually Santa's spies ..... so best be on best behaviour. Christmas drinks and delicious food has been planned for December 22nd for all staff whom wish to attend. Christmas will come early for our dispatch team as our two shiny new forklifts from Linde are arriving, much to the delight of us all, wonder who will fit one with a furry dice first!!!

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